Our categories cover all aspects of our inspirational, brave and clever children and teens living in and around Doncaster. Have a look through the categories below and send in a nomination if someone special comes to mind.

Anyone can nominate someone under the age of 18 for these awards.

Math Marvel
Does your child excel in all things mathematical? Have they taken part in challenges or are they top of the class in maths? We are looking for someone under the age of 18 who is a real math marvel.

Fearless Bravery
If you know a child that has shown true bravery through a difficult time, illness or challenge, then nominate them today.

Dynamic Fundraiser
We all have charities and causes close to our hearts and kids are no exception. We are looking for a young person who has gone above and beyond to raise money for a charity or cause they care about.

Enterprising Star
This award looks for the youngster that has shown innovation in coming up with a new way to benefit their home, school or community. This could be through an initiative such as recycling, selling homemade items or helping to develop a community group.

Technology Whizz
With our youngsters getting more and more technology-savvy, we are looking for that person who has taken to using computers, robotics or coding to do extraordinary things. Have they created something amazing? Are they going to be the next Steve Jobs? We want to hear about them.

Wonder Writer
For those young people who can’t keep their pen off the paper. Do you know a young person that has a real talent for writing stories, poems or plays? At the DFP, we want to hear about our next generation of wonder writers.

Mighty Performer
We all know someone who loves the spotlight. This award will go to a young musician, dancer or singer, maybe even a magician that has a talent for entertaining. Let us know what your child can do to be in with the chance of winning this award.

Super Sports Star
This award will go to the person under 18 that has had great achievements in the sporting world. Tell us about your child’s commitment to the sport, their achievements and their place for success in the future.

Extraordinary Inspirer
We are looking for that young person what is a true inspiration to others. Maybe they are part of the student council at school, volunteer their time for others or have campaigned for a cause close to them. We want to hear your stories.

Invincible Carer
Do you know a young carer that has offered great support in looking after a parent, sibling or other family member? Do you want to thank a young carer of Doncaster for their continued support? We want to recognise their hard work so please nominate them for this award.

Super School
Open to any nursery, school or college in Doncaster that provides a positive learning environment for their students. We want to know what your school does to go the extra mile to allow children to flourish. Tell us about how you support local communities and charities, or how you are environmentally friendly and encourage healthy eating, or provide new and exciting opportunities to your children. We want to hear your story.

Golden Child
This award is designed to celebrate those who have long supported our children. We are searching for golden gals and guys aged 18 and under in the year 1967.It’s time for today’s
children to put forward their entries. Let us know why your mum, dad, aunts, uncles and grandparent deserve to be crowned Golden Child.